Open 360° Feedback


Open 360° Feedback

Open 360° Feedback is a customizable and flexible tool for measuring skills, competencies and behaviors. It is an excellent tool for applications such as coaching, leadership and management development. Results are usually presented anonymously on an individual, a team or division, or at an organizational level but can also be used for open and transparent dialogue.

When to use the Open 360° Feedback Assessment?

In any application where feedback from others is helpful and also when developing the performance of employees, teams and organizations, it is used:.

    As a focused discussion base in performance appraisals

    As a valuable insight tool for coaching sessions

    To assess self, team or organisational development toward goals

    To help define leadership / management effectiveness

    To evaluate a training programs’ real result

    To assist in defining training needs and efficacy

    To utilise for smooth succession planning.

How does the process work?

  1  Provide us with your 360° questionnaire or let us develop one for you.

  2  Give us a list of people for assessment and assessors and we will send them on-line invitations.

  3  Participants complete the questionnaire.

  4  We keep track on who filled in the questionnaire and send automatic reminders to those who still have not done it.

  5  We generate the PDF report.


Manage it yourself or let us do it for you!

If you prefer to deliver your own 360 Feedback Project we will set up an account for you, train you how to use the software and provide you with additional support!!!

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