Individual DISC Analysis


Individual DISC Analysis

The Individual DISC Assessments are self-assessments that provide you with the information to maximize the performance of your employees, identifies the motivating factors, strengths and development areas of an individual. Personal Analysis measures not only an individual’s natural style, but also their perceived need to adjust their style to their current job.

The Individual Assessments will help you to eliminate expensive mistakes, wasted time and resources.

Use the Individual Analysis

   〉  in the recruitment process, to identify the most suitable candidate for the role

   〉  to improve and enhance communication both professionally and personally

   〉  to develop self-awareness and improve overall performance

   〉  in coaching, to develop an understanding of the client’s approach to goals

   〉  to get the most out of your workforce

   〉  to understand what motivates and demotivates your employees or candidates

   〉  to increase sales by identifying the selling styles

   〉  to improve team dynamics by understanding each other’s styles and ways of working

How does the process work?

Extended DISC® Individual Assessments are very easy to use.

Questionnaires are available in over 55 languages to meet the needs of today’s diverse workforce.


Why to choose Individual Assessments through the Extended DISC®?

Extended DISC® Profiles are used by all types of organizations around the world. Most of the customers benefited and upgraded from other personality test and behavioral assessments to Extended DISC® because they needed DISC personality tool that can:

   〉  Offer the latest developments in internationally validated DISC profile and DISC assessment system science and technology

   〉  Provide result very fast

   〉  Generate unique, individual DISC profiles for every single participant. Reports can be customized based on your needs and preferences

   〉  enable initiatives from quick DISC training event applications to comprehensive organization-wide development process initiatives

   〉  provide validated DISC questionnaires and DISC style results with over 55 DISC questionnaire languages; and

   〉  Is easy to use – internally in your company certifying some of your employees or through our certified and experienced consultants; and

   〉  Is difficult to cheat.

What types of Individual Assessments are available?

The Extended DISC® Individual Analysis is our most popular Individual Assessment. There are Standard and also Customized ones based on your unique needs and applications reports.

Among the most popular job roles for which you could upgrade your standard report are:

   〉  Sales Assessment

   〉  Management Assessment

   〉  Leadership Assessment

   〉  Customer Service Assessment

   〉  Administrative Assessment

   〉  Team Member Assessment

   〉  Information Technology Assessment

   〉  Project Assessment

   〉  Entrepreneurial Assessment

   〉  Training Assessment

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