Extended DISC® Job Analysis


Extended DISC® Job Analysis

Extended DISC® Job Analysis answers a very difficult question that most organizations struggle with: “What are the specific behavioral requirements for this job that will produce the desired results?” Typically clients know what skills and competencies are needed from employees that help them to achieve success. However, when it comes to the behaviors, the issues become unclear and challenging.

Extended DISC® Job Analysis allows the users to identify and prioritize the behaviors for specific jobs that will produce the best results. Once the job requirements are shaped, the results of individuals’ Extended DISC® Individual Assessment can be compared to the Extended DISC® Job Analysis to identify development needs and a behavioral job fit.

How does the process work?


Use the Job Analysis for:

   〉  Еmployee testing – through external or internal recruiting, candidates can be aligned with a position

   〉  Personal development – once the job needs are clarified, a manager can utilize this information in coaching the person to reach their goals. An employee can use the information to establish crucial points in their personal development plan

   〉  Organizational development – while there are changes in the organization, management can re-define the job requirements for each position and utilize the information to re-direct action and development

   〉  Coaching – this information is helpful when coaching a person to reach their goals. Similarly, the person can establish crucial points in their own development strategy

   〉  Creating job descriptions

   〉  Restructuring job contents


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