Cteam Assessment is the official representative of the Extended DISC® products for Bulgaria.

EXTENDED DISC® is a suite of scientifically validated online assessment tools that are used by thousands of organizations worldwide. It provides you with the information to maximize the performance of your employees while eliminating expensive mistakes, wasted time and resources.

Extended DISC® illustrates the person’s natural behavioural style and response mode in different situations, allowing a better understanding of your own and others’ behaviour, so that it is possible to adjust it to better suit the situation, avoiding unnecessary problems in communication. It does not classify people into good or bad.

Use the ExtendedDISC ® assessments and benefit from them to

   〉  understand your employees’ behaviour so you can manage the team more effectively

   〉  discover the personal profile of your team members

   〉  identify your employees’ strengths and development areas

   〉  find the right candidate for your job vacancy

   〉  form better, more productive teams because you will know what personalities are best suited to work together

   〉  check whether your team members are ideally suited for the current roles

   〉  plan your employees’ development

   〉  plan your organizational development

   〉  optimize your coaching programs

   〉  enhance your self-awareness

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